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  1. Hello otto, It seems like Im one of the first to discover this site and It really does seem like somthin special so I might just hang around.

  2. Hey Otto, you really delivered here. Soccerphysics is the absolute favourite game in our office for years. Every year at our company’s Christmas party, we hold the Soccer Physics World Cup. You have changed our lives and we are indescribably grateful to you. We were briefly in shock when the game stopped running under Catalina, couldn’t work and cried through the nights. But now the game is running again – better than ever! A huge thank you for that! There is only one small feature missing for our complete happiness: Have you ever thought about expanding the game to a remote multiplayer game? You would make yourself immortal! Best regards from the “Klose office”.

  3. Hello Otto,
    You have a fun and exciting game. I’ve just spent my last 30 minutes trying to win on Soccer Physics! But that’s maybe just my lack of skill. 😂
    Anyway, I enjoyed your game, and I think many other players would appreciate playing it as well. I’m from Crazy Games (, and I’d appreciate it if we could talk about the possibility of adding your games to our website.
    Here’s my email; let me know if you’re free later this week for a quick chat.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Everton! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Soccer Physics! I’m not currently looking for any business opportunities or to have my games hosted on any gaming sites, but I’ll let you know if I change my mind!

  4. Hi Otto, I really love Soccer Physics and I want to congratulate you for this amazing game, a few years ago I used to play our game on my iPad but now I can’t find it anymore there’s a way to download and play it?

  5. Ciao otto.. ricordo ancora i tuoi bellissimi giochi dopo anni di Android 😂 sei sempre sull’app autore di IOS?
    Complimenti per i tuoi bellissimi lavori!

    1. Ciao Simone! My iOS developer licence expired years ago, also the old Android versions of my games don’t seem to work on current Android phones. Grazie!

      1. Hi Otto,

        As a long year fan of soccer physics and wrestle jump, I was shattered when they didn’t run on my phone anymore. We used to play both for hours in our office lunch breaks. Having soccer physics back on the PC is a treat! Having YOU back in the App Store would be the Christmas wonder everyone is waiting for…
        What would it cost to bring you back? Is it just the license? Or are there other things holding you back?
        We would love to have you back and people would pay for your apps ( although I know you’re. It looking for business opportunities).

        I’m just saying, if there is anything your fans can do to bring all this back, WE WILL!
        if there a private reasons you don’t want or can’t talk about publicly, you can also contact me in private

        We miss your goofy talent!

        1. Hi Loomlord! Thanks for reaching out! Most of the games I made were developed for 32-bit phones by using older versions of Unity3D, a popular game engine. Updating them for 64-bit devices is tricky as Unity’s physics engine has changed and the plugins I used aren’t supported anymore.

          But we’ll see! I’m happy I got at least Soccer Physics to properly run in WebGL, with reasonable effort.

  6. Hey, Otto. Just wanted to say I’m a big fan of Soccer Physics and that I have missed it since it got removed from iOS. I’m excited that I found your website and that I can play the game again. Thank you for the many hours of entertainment.

  7. The website that had a link to here said there was a version for android phones, but i only see a computer website. Also it’s a shame you deleted all your work and stuff, i really liked playing your games just like the other people here. All the ripoffs on the app store are complete trash.

  8. Hey otto!I played your game when I was a children and now I still like it as the best game that two can play.But I feel regretful that the game cannot be played on the mobile phones.Many other developers plagiarize your game but theirs absolutely can’t compete with yours.I also like your other games like Wrestle Jump and Tug the table.Could you tell me where to find them?

    1. Hi there! Thanks! Unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to make WebGL versions of my older games as they’re made with an older version of the game engine I used to develop games on.

  9. Soccer Physics was a big part of my childhood and I’m glad it’s finally playable again! I even play it with my friends sometimes at school. By the way, sometimes the game music fades out and doesn’t come back again. Do you know why this happens?

    1. Hi Matt! I’m happy to hear you still enjoy the game 🙂 I’m not sure why the music fades out, but I’ll look into that, thanks for letting me know!

  10. Is there an option that you could make new versions of the game?
    It would be nice if we could make this game a little more competetive.
    For example changing key mappings, create custom games with a custom amount of points to win and a button press to insert the ball.

  11. I cannot tell you how psyched i was to see at least one of the games, it’s jist unforgettable the time spent playing this and the other games I.E Wrestle Jump, Tug The Table, Mole Wackers etc. You made some damn great addictive yet simple games. (Early) Merry Christmas to you mate, and thank you for reviving one of the cult classics, I’m sure just as the lot of people here and anyone else who manages to find this website are just as hyped and happy to replay THE definitive Soccer Physics unlike the stupid clones of not just this title but of your previous ones too, it just cannot compare let alone emulate your work. Above all else, happy to see your still kickin’. Wish you well my guy`.

  12. Hi Mr. Ojala. I and my sister are dying to play wrestle jump once again, and settle the decade-long score. We would greatly appreciate it if you could make a web version of it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Omar! I would if only could :/ Wreste Jump was made using an older version of Unity3D (a game developing tool) and I’d need to get the game to run in a newer version of Unity in order to build a WebGL version of the game.

  13. yeooo i really want all your games back on my phone, whats the hold up? just throw in some cosmetics and rake in cash. to ez

    1. Hi Patrick! The games only worked on 32-bit phones so that’s why they’re not on the app stores anymore. Updating the games to 64-bit would also mean having to using Unity3D’s updated physics engine which would make them feel quite different than the originals.

  14. The only reason I did not update the IOS version of my really old iPad mini 1 is Soccer Physics!

  15. Hi Otto! I am a member of Nouns DAO (, an NFT community that is trying to fund all kinds of interesting projects and I’m wondering if you would ever consider collaborating on something that incorporates the Nouns characters with your endlessly compelling physics mechanics. Either way, just want to say thank you! I have been a HUGE fan of your entire suite of iOS games for years; the beauty of Soccer Physics has time and again had me on the verge of tears… one of the greatest games I know.

  16. Hi Otto!

    In case you hadn’t already found out, I just wanted to let you (and anyone else coming to your page) know that all of your games are playable via the Flashpoint program! Flashpoint has an archive of more than 100,000 flash/unity/shockwave etc. games, and uses an emulator to run them even though the browser plugins aren’t supported anymore.

    So if anyone comes here looking for any of your browser games other than Soccer Physics, that’s where they are! Wrestle Jump, Tug the Table, Mole Hammers – all seem to be working perfectly.

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