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  1. Hello otto, It seems like Im one of the first to discover this site and It really does seem like somthin special so I might just hang around.

      1. Hi Otto. This is my favorite game ever. Please bring this game on App Store again:(( I pay it!❀️

  2. Hey Otto, you really delivered here. Soccerphysics is the absolute favourite game in our office for years. Every year at our company’s Christmas party, we hold the Soccer Physics World Cup. You have changed our lives and we are indescribably grateful to you. We were briefly in shock when the game stopped running under Catalina, couldn’t work and cried through the nights. But now the game is running again – better than ever! A huge thank you for that! There is only one small feature missing for our complete happiness: Have you ever thought about expanding the game to a remote multiplayer game? You would make yourself immortal! Best regards from the “Klose office”.

  3. Hello Otto,
    You have a fun and exciting game. I’ve just spent my last 30 minutes trying to win on Soccer Physics! But that’s maybe just my lack of skill. πŸ˜‚
    Anyway, I enjoyed your game, and I think many other players would appreciate playing it as well. I’m from Crazy Games (, and I’d appreciate it if we could talk about the possibility of adding your games to our website.
    Here’s my email; let me know if you’re free later this week for a quick chat.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Everton! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Soccer Physics! I’m not currently looking for any business opportunities or to have my games hosted on any gaming sites, but I’ll let you know if I change my mind!

  4. Hi Otto, I really love Soccer Physics and I want to congratulate you for this amazing game, a few years ago I used to play our game on my iPad but now I can’t find it anymore there’s a way to download and play it?

  5. Ciao otto.. ricordo ancora i tuoi bellissimi giochi dopo anni di Android πŸ˜‚ sei sempre sull’app autore di IOS?
    Complimenti per i tuoi bellissimi lavori!

    1. Ciao Simone! My iOS developer licence expired years ago, also the old Android versions of my games don’t seem to work on current Android phones. Grazie!

      1. Hi Otto,

        As a long year fan of soccer physics and wrestle jump, I was shattered when they didn’t run on my phone anymore. We used to play both for hours in our office lunch breaks. Having soccer physics back on the PC is a treat! Having YOU back in the App Store would be the Christmas wonder everyone is waiting for…
        What would it cost to bring you back? Is it just the license? Or are there other things holding you back?
        We would love to have you back and people would pay for your apps ( although I know you’re. It looking for business opportunities).

        I’m just saying, if there is anything your fans can do to bring all this back, WE WILL!
        if there a private reasons you don’t want or can’t talk about publicly, you can also contact me in private

        We miss your goofy talent!

        1. Hi Loomlord! Thanks for reaching out! Most of the games I made were developed for 32-bit phones by using older versions of Unity3D, a popular game engine. Updating them for 64-bit devices is tricky as Unity’s physics engine has changed and the plugins I used aren’t supported anymore.

          But we’ll see! I’m happy I got at least Soccer Physics to properly run in WebGL, with reasonable effort.

        2. I just want to say this game was my childhood, one of the first games that I played as a child. I was sad that my mobile wouldn’t support WebXR but I found an apk that I play every day.

  6. Hey, Otto. Just wanted to say I’m a big fan of Soccer Physics and that I have missed it since it got removed from iOS. I’m excited that I found your website and that I can play the game again. Thank you for the many hours of entertainment.

  7. The website that had a link to here said there was a version for android phones, but i only see a computer website. Also it’s a shame you deleted all your work and stuff, i really liked playing your games just like the other people here. All the ripoffs on the app store are complete trash.

  8. Hey otto!I played your game when I was a children and now I still like it as the best game that two can play.But I feel regretful that the game cannot be played on the mobile phones.Many other developers plagiarize your game but theirs absolutely can’t compete with yours.I also like your other games like Wrestle Jump and Tug the table.Could you tell me where to find them?

    1. Hi there! Thanks! Unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to make WebGL versions of my older games as they’re made with an older version of the game engine I used to develop games on.

  9. Soccer Physics was a big part of my childhood and I’m glad it’s finally playable again! I even play it with my friends sometimes at school. By the way, sometimes the game music fades out and doesn’t come back again. Do you know why this happens?

    1. Hi Matt! I’m happy to hear you still enjoy the game πŸ™‚ I’m not sure why the music fades out, but I’ll look into that, thanks for letting me know!

  10. Is there an option that you could make new versions of the game?
    It would be nice if we could make this game a little more competetive.
    For example changing key mappings, create custom games with a custom amount of points to win and a button press to insert the ball.

  11. I cannot tell you how psyched i was to see at least one of the games, it’s jist unforgettable the time spent playing this and the other games I.E Wrestle Jump, Tug The Table, Mole Wackers etc. You made some damn great addictive yet simple games. (Early) Merry Christmas to you mate, and thank you for reviving one of the cult classics, I’m sure just as the lot of people here and anyone else who manages to find this website are just as hyped and happy to replay THE definitive Soccer Physics unlike the stupid clones of not just this title but of your previous ones too, it just cannot compare let alone emulate your work. Above all else, happy to see your still kickin’. Wish you well my guy`.

  12. Hi Mr. Ojala. I and my sister are dying to play wrestle jump once again, and settle the decade-long score. We would greatly appreciate it if you could make a web version of it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Omar! I would if only could :/ Wreste Jump was made using an older version of Unity3D (a game developing tool) and I’d need to get the game to run in a newer version of Unity in order to build a WebGL version of the game.

  13. yeooo i really want all your games back on my phone, whats the hold up? just throw in some cosmetics and rake in cash. to ez

    1. Hi Patrick! The games only worked on 32-bit phones so that’s why they’re not on the app stores anymore. Updating the games to 64-bit would also mean having to using Unity3D’s updated physics engine which would make them feel quite different than the originals.

  14. The only reason I did not update the IOS version of my really old iPad mini 1 is Soccer Physics!

      1. Yes, here too. Stay on iOS 9 for that. Was very disappointed on other devices as i noticed that. So the old iPad from my son stay on iOS 9.3. Bought him a new i device.

  15. Hi Otto! I am a member of Nouns DAO (, an NFT community that is trying to fund all kinds of interesting projects and I’m wondering if you would ever consider collaborating on something that incorporates the Nouns characters with your endlessly compelling physics mechanics. Either way, just want to say thank you! I have been a HUGE fan of your entire suite of iOS games for years; the beauty of Soccer Physics has time and again had me on the verge of tears… one of the greatest games I know.

  16. Hi Otto!

    In case you hadn’t already found out, I just wanted to let you (and anyone else coming to your page) know that all of your games are playable via the Flashpoint program! Flashpoint has an archive of more than 100,000 flash/unity/shockwave etc. games, and uses an emulator to run them even though the browser plugins aren’t supported anymore.

    So if anyone comes here looking for any of your browser games other than Soccer Physics, that’s where they are! Wrestle Jump, Tug the Table, Mole Hammers – all seem to be working perfectly.

  17. Hey Otto,
    Super happy to see soccer physics back. I still got the windows app and play it nearly every day with my friends. Had a quick question. Howcome sometimes the players skin is green? The green man is awesome!

    1. Hi Sbubby! So nice to hear the game is still played by people πŸ™‚ I haven’t personally seen the green player in years! I wonder if they’re just a myth…

  18. Just wanted to say thank you so much for making this game available to play once more! I used to play this game every single day on the way to school when I was growing up and was devastated after it was taken off the App Store. There are always games that I would delete and potentially reinstall on my previous Apple products but your game always had a spot on my home screen. Ever since the game left the App Store I’ve been looking for close seconds, none of them ever did it for me. Today I googled Soccer Physics since I was telling a homie how fun it was back when you could play it and nearly screamed when I came across this site lol.
    Thanks for bringin it back!

  19. Hi Otto, I wonder, will you maybe develop the game more? By that I mean adding more features to it and modes. I had a lot of great times playing this with my dad – it’s really fun to play. I wish I could only make games myself so I could make similar game to yours with more modes so I’d have more fun with my dad. Thank you for making this game and making me and my dad reunite again.
    The best regards,

    1. Hi Cynder! I’m not planning on adding new modes to Soccer Physics, but never say never I guess πŸ™‚ I’d encourage you to try out some of the game developement tools (and tutorials) available, maybe Unity, GameMaker or Stencyl. They’re fun to play with, maybe you could try them out with your dad as well? πŸ™‚

  20. Hello Otto, i’m a fan of your games since Wrestle Jump, which i used to play in my browser with my sister, also played Tug The Table and eventually Soccer Physics when i got an smartphone. recently i was browsing with my GF the websites i used to go to as a kid and i couldn’t find your games anywhere. It’s honestly a shame since i loved Wrestle Jump so much. I think you’re a particularly talented gamedev but i understand if making games is not of your interest anymore. I just wanted to ask if you think of making Wrestle Jump and Tug the Table available to play in this website or somewhere else, really loved your games, cheers and good luck with whatever it is you’re up to nowadays

  21. Hello Otto. I miss your other games to. Wrestle Jump, Tug the Table, Hammers. Why you remove it from Play Store and Apple Store? I hope you add this games in this site soon. I Love your work since a lot of years ago.

    1. Hi Luis! Thanks πŸ™‚ I’ll put my other games here as well if I ever get them to work in the newer versions of Unity3D (the game developement tool I used to make them).

  22. All the copies they made for wrestlejump suck! Yours was the original and it was the best! Perfect game to play while waiting 30 mins in line in a themepark.

    1. Hi Danny! Thanks πŸ™‚ To me the “original” Wrestle Jump is actually an old DOS game called The Fight of the Sumo-Hoppers, which inspired me to make Wrestle Jump. You might want to check it out if you’re at all into retro gaming.

  23. Hi Otto,

    I’m a mobile developer and huge fan of your games. Would you be open to selling the rights to any of your games? I’d love to take a crack at bringing these back to life and upgrading them to 64 bit. Open sourcing them might be another potential way. Either way, 90% of people don’t ever leave reviews, myself included, but I’d like for you to know that your games brought a lot of joy to me and my nephews, soccer physics and wrestle jump were our go to games!

    1. Hi David, thanks for reaching out πŸ™‚ The problem with updating Wrestle Jump is that the current physics engine in Unity makes it pretty much impossible to replicate the excact feel of the original version’s physics.

      1. You’re the best in the business imo. I admire your unwillingness to compromise on quality! If you ever change your mind, my offer still stands to buy the games. Not 100% sure if I could afford them, but if I could I’d buy them in a heartbeat. My intention would be to work on it for over a year if that is what it takes to get it right.

        Either way, my apologies if asking all this is bothersome, not my intention at all. Just have a high regard for your games and would love to see them live on.

        Best wishes!

        1. Thanks so much πŸ™‚ I’d encourage you to spend your time on creating something new and original πŸ™‚ Or whatever it is that feels right for you just now!

  24. Hi Otto,
    I am a big fan of your game, I tell you that your game was a sensation in Latin America around 2016, but since the game is no longer in any store I have tried to look for all possible ways to download it, but I only find fake games :(. So I was wondering if you could pass me the files of the Android game to try to download it, please.

  25. Hi Otto! I just found this page looking for your game, like the other posts, I too enjoyed playing this game with friends in my youth. Now with nostalgia and my fondness for the world of streaming, I was looking for a way to play it online multiplayer to try to create a tournament without changing its essence of course.

    I don’t hold out much hope for a positive response, but even adding the game to the Steam store and being able to use it with Remote play would suffice.

    A greeting and a pleasure to have found you.

    PS: What are the games you have created?

    1. Hi Manuel, thanks for reaching out! I hadn’t even thought about the possibility to play Soccer Physics online using Steam’s Remote play thanks for the idea! Then again I have no immeadiate plans on republishing the game on any store.

      My second most successful game was a game called Wrestle Jump, and I’m actually kind of working on a remake of it at the moment, as a hobby project of sorts.

  26. Hey Otto! Just wanted to say I hope you’re having a good day, and if you aren’t, hopefully the days ahead look bright, thats all πŸ™‚

  27. I loved playing this game as a kid! I’m so glad I found your website and I still play this game to this day. But what happened to your other games? For example Wrestle Jump. Just curious.

    1. Hi Ezekiel! So nice to hear you liked to play my game πŸ™‚ Wrestle Jump and most of my other games couldn’t be updated to work on newer iPhones or as WebGL games as they were incopatible with the newer versions of Unity3D, the game engine I used to make the games.

  28. Hi Otto, i wanted to know if the In-game music ever had a name because, its an absolute banger, and we only know it by “In-Game Music”, I’ve been looking on StrayWorx’s social media but, i couldn’t find anything related to the game, not to mention that he hasn’t post anything in all of his social media since 2014.

  29. Hello otto, your games are incredible. What happened to wrestle jump, tug the table or tank of tanks ? I used to play these when I was a kid with my friends and now I can only find cheap versions of these. Any chance these get released any time soon ? Thanks

  30. Hey Otto I would love to see your games come back to the app store my life isn’t the same without them. I hope you are doing well

    1. Hi HappyMan, thanks for reaching out πŸ™‚ I’m currently learning Godot, an alternative to the game engine I used to make games with. Let’s see if I’ll be able to come up with worthwhile game ideas still.

  31. Forgot to add on my previous comment I have a newer device that runs soccer physics on an apk. Your games always bring a smile to my face Otto. πŸ˜€

  32. hello mr ojala
    Whoever was able to accomplish this great game previously is able to do it again. Please do not delay returning it to the Apple Store phones more than that.
    and thank you for this great game

  33. Hi Otto!

    Hi Otto! First of all, let me tell you that I love your games! I am a developer of a small app that has multiple games for 2 players in one phone. I would love to buy the right to integrate your games Soccer Physics and Wrestle Jump into my app. I understand that the code might not be working with this Unity version, but I am willing to buy it as is and be the one putting back to work. Please let me know if you are willing to sell the rights for this integration. Thanks so much.

  34. Thank you for your brilliant game man! Soccer Physics is such a unique and original game that’s so silly and at the same time challenging. I started watching Markiplier and Bob’s playthrough of their game on their channel back when I was a kid and played the game on my phone and PC too. Now I’m in college and still haven’t forgotten about the game as I play it with my classmates all the time whenever we’re horsing around. I have this one particular classmate who always says that the game is so rigged because he keeps losing but lately he’s been getting pretty good. Thank you again for giving us such a brillian gem of a game.

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